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Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo Removal

Many guys in Paris who are into sports end up getting tatoos. Maybe it’s a late night party or drunk binge. Then there girlfriend doesn’t like it, or he has next morning regrets and just wants to change it. It used to be the case that the decision to get a tattoo would impact the recipient’s entire life. For those that love their tattoos dearly, this may sound great, but not everybody picks a tattoo at 18 that they’ll still love at 40. That’s why laser tattoo removal has been growing in popularity in recent years.

Although the technology used to perform this procedure is still relatively new, it is considered both safe and effective. In fact, laser removal is the only clinically-proven way to remove tattoos without causing unwanted scarring. Most people considering removing their tattoos have some questions, though, the most common of which are answered below.

How Does it Work?

Laser removal works by targeting the pigment in the tattoo’s ink and fragmenting it into tiny pieces with specialized lasers. The patient’s body will then begin to absorb and dispose of the ink naturally.

How Many Treatments Does it Take?

The number of laser treatments required for complete removal will depend on the age of the tattoo, its location, and the quality of ink that was used. Of course, a patient’s natural body chemistry will also impact the results. On average, 10-12 treatments are required to achieve maximum results, but it’s important to keep in mind that this is just an average and results can vary greatly between patients.

How Long Does it Take?

Since each patient recovers differently from the procedure, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact time frame for complete removal. Most professionals suggest waiting five or six weeks between treatments, which means that complete removal may take quite some time.

Does it Completely Remove Tattoos?

In almost all cases patients find that their tattoos are completely removed after completing treatment. However, different types and colors of ink respond differently to laser treatment. In some cases, a small amount of pigment is left behind in the skin, although most find that this effect, sometimes known as “ghosting,” is acceptable.

Can Removed Tattoos Be Covered?

Many patients are interested in removing their old tattoos because it will improve the overall quality of cover ups. Unwanted tattoos that are being lightened for the sake of providing a blank canvas for more tattoos generally only require four to five treatments as compared to the ten to twelve typically needed for complete removal.

Are the Treatments Painful?

Most patients who receive laser treatments report pain that is about comparable to what they experienced getting the initial tattoo. Thankfully, laser removal usually takes much less time than getting a tattoo to begin with. Plus, treatments can be accompanied by the application of a topical chiller that can help to counter any pain.

Will There be Scarring?

Most patients do not experience any scarring at all from laser treatment. However, there is a small possibility that scarring may occur if aftercare instructions are not adequately followed. It is also important to note that scars that were present before the removal process began will not be affected and will still be there after treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Although most patients do not report any serious long-term side effects, it is worth mentioning a few common short-term issues. Skin in the treated area may be swollen or red, or may even blister, after treatment. This can be uncomfortable, but will not last more than a few days.

Who Performs These Treatments?

The best results can only be obtained by entrusting the laser removal process to a doctor or other specialist. Keep in mind that although there are over the counter creams and treatments available, none have been clinically proven to work. The only way to get professional results is to see a professional.

How Should Patients Prepare?

Before heading in for the initial treatment session patients should wash and clean the skin in the surrounding area, remove any lotions or other skin products, and shave any hair. They should also wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the tattoo being removed, and remember to eat a meal several hours before each treatment is scheduled to begin.

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